West London Chess Club

External Resources

A mix of chess related resources from across the web for information, instruction and entertainment.

Outside the Game - Interview with Shreyas Royal.

Get to know Shreyas Royal, our highest rated player. This short (just over 5 minute) video was produced by the International Olympic Committee.

Chess Fever

A romantic comedy silent film from the Soviet Union in 1925 (duration 20 minutes). Features appearances from leading players of the time including world champion Capablanca and British Master Fred Dewhirst Yates (six times British Champion)

Power Play Chess

A short video of grandmaster Daniel King analysing a final round game from the Hammersmith Chess Congress 2022 between Andy Hayler and Oliver Petrick.

English Chess Federation (ECF) rating database

Middlesex County Chess Association (MCCA)

Central London Chess League

Hillingdon Chess League

Middlesex Chess League

London Chess League and also here.

Chess Puzzles

A website dedicated to chess puzzles and tactics training with a clean user interface making it very suitable for mobiles.

Organic Chess

Although West London Chess Club welcomes younger members, Organic Chess is an entirely separate junior club which also meets at Chiswick Town Hall on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Tuition is given by FIDE Trainer and WFM Meri Grigoryan.

Currently (as of March 2024), the Junior Club is taking a break. But Meri can be emailed at chesspionage@gmail.com for future events and junior ECF graded chess tournaments.