West London Chess Club

Chiswick Town Hall

Next meeting: Wednesday 17th July 2024 from 7:30pm.

Venue: The George & Devonshire, 8 Burlington Lane, Chiswick, London W4 2QE (see map).

Agenda: Casual and friendly games. New members welcome.

About the club

West London Chess Club was founded in 1893, as such we pre-date the formation of the English Chess Federation. Historically, we have been and continue to be affiliated to Middlesex County Chess Association (MCCA). Our club welcomes and caters for players of all abilities. Members can play competitive games for our teams in the Central London, Hillingdon and London leagues or social/friendly games for general improvement. Should they be interested they can also consider representing one of the county teams. The club match venue is the impressive Chiswick Town Hall, a grade 2 listed building opposite Turnham Green. During the summer months we meet in the relaxed atmosphere of the George and Devonshire pub for some friendly games.

Chiswick Town Hall

Chiswick Town Hall (see map). Our club match venue opposite Turnham Green.

George and Devonshire Pub

George & Devonshire pub (see map). Located next to the Hogarth Roundabout is our summertime venue for friendly games.

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