Russian Grandmaster Simultaneous Display

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Alexander Cherniaev a Grandmaster from Archangelsk Russia gave a simultaneous display against multiple opponents on Saturday 18th of December. 16 people took part, 5 of them were juniors. Andy Hayler won, Greg Knowles and Ben Giles drew. Tony Spencer came close to drawing but eventually lost. Clifford Wilmot won the best game prize for juniors -he turned down a draw offer!

Score: 14-2. Andy's game can be found on the Games page.

The rest of the participants were: Rob Byrom, Adrian Barron, Gerry McCann, Sami Dawsa, Colum Jezierski, Jullian Tanner, Ramon Vergara. Juniors: Theo Tanner, Clifford Wilmot, Shimmy Hrapciuc, Stephen Ao and Toby Marley.