Club AGM Summary

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The annual WLCC AGM was held on the 23rd November 2005 in the Chiswick Town Hall and there were 7 attendees. The highlights were as follows:

  • The Treasurer's report shows that despite the Simuls and Blitz events, the Club is continuing to make a year-on-year loss in the order of £200 annually. Given that the membership is roughly static (in the order of 25 paying members) and because the Club equipment is now in need of some repair, it was decided to raise the cost membership from £45 to £50 per member. It was agreed that other fund-raising activities would also be required to meet the shortfall. One idea to boost income was to attract more members using flyers and advertising in the local papers.
  • The Captains/Chairman's report shows we had a good season, winning London League Division 4 and finishing upper-mid-table in Middlesex League Divisions 1 and 3. In particular, Middlesex Team 2 performance is much improved over last year.
  • The Webmaster's report indicates that the new Web site is attracting on average 250 unique visitors, downloading over 1500 pages per month. The Web site is well ranked in most search engines and we have an entry in (both sports and childrens sections). The Chairman and Treasurer agreed that the improved Web site (amongst other things) had contributed to the success of the club in attracting and maintaining new members.
  • There were no changes in the elected positions. The issue of Clocks was discussed and it was decided to create a new post of "Equipment Manager" to ensure the equipment is in fit state for matches and tournaments. Rob Byrom volunteered for the position and was duly elected. It was agreed that he should be allowed to spend £100 on new equipment if necessary.
  • It was agreed that Alexander Chernaiev and Michael Basman are to be made honorary club members.
  • Outstanding actions from last year: No progress had been made on locating various Club Trophies and the Club History (book). No progress has been made on investigating the insurance of the Club's equipment. These actions are carried over into the 2005/2006 season.

The full minutes can be found here.