Fixtures 2012/2013

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Middlesex League - Division 2

Captain - Bob Kane [1]

Wed 26th Sep [1] 201219:15Kings HeadHomeChiswick Town Hall
Wed 3rd Oct [1] 201219:30Willesden & BrentHomeChiswick Town Hall
Mon 15th Oct [1] 201219:30Willesden & BrentAwayWillesden
Wed 31st Oct [1] 201219:15HammersmithHomeChiswick Town Hall
Mon 12th Nov [1] 201219:30HammersmithAwayHammersmith
Thu 22nd Nov [1] 201219:00Kings HeadAwayKings Head
Wed 19th Dec [1] 201219:15EalingHomeChiswick Town Hall
Wed 9th Jan [1] 201319:15MetropolitanHomeChiswick Town Hall
Thu 10th Jan [1] 201319:30EalingAwayEaling
Thu 7th Mar [1] 201319:30Muswell HillAwayMuswell Hill
Tue 12th Mar [1] 201319:30EalingAwayEaling
Wed 20th Mar [1] 201319:15EalingHomeChiswick Town Hall
Wed 10th Apr [1] 201319:15Muswell HillHomeChiswick Town Hall
Thu 25th Apr [1] 201318:45MetropolitanAwayMetropolitan

London League - Division 4

Captain - Paul Robertson [2]

Thu 25th Oct [2] 201219:00CavendishAwayCavendish
Wed 7th Nov [2] 201219:00Wanstead & WoodfordAwayGolden Lane
Mon 19th Nov [2] 201219:00Willesden & BrentAwayGolden Lane
Wed 12th Dec [2] 201219:00Streatham & BrixtonHomeGolden Lane
Wed 23rd Jan [2] 201319:00Hackney 3HomeGolden Lane
Thu 7th Feb [2] 201319:00Kings Head 4HomeGolden Lane
Mon 25th Feb [2] 201319:00Metropolitan 4HomeGolden Lane
Fri 15th Mar [2] 201318:30London DeafAwayLondon Deaf
Fri 12th Apr [2] 201318:25Morley CollegeAwayMorley College
Thu 2nd May [2] 201319:00DHSSHomeGolden Lane
Tue 28th May [2] 201318:45GLCC 2AwayGreater London Chess Club

Hillingdon League

Captain - Bob Kane [3]

Wed 10th Oct [3] 201219:15GreenfordHomeChiswick Town Hall
Wed 24th Oct [3] 201219:15HayesHomeChiswick Town Hall
Thu 8th Nov [3] 201219:30EalingAwayEaling
Wed 28th Nov [3] 201219:15HarrowHomeChiswick Town Hall
Thu 6th Dec [3] 201219:30EalingAwayEaling
Tue 15th Jan [3] 201319:30HayesAwayHayes
Fri 25th Jan [3] 201319:30GreenfordAwayGreenford
Tue 19th Feb [3] 201319:30EalingAwayEaling
Wed 27th Feb [3] 201319:30EalingHomeChiswick Town Hall
Wed 1st May [3] 201319:15EalingHomeChiswick Town Hall
Thu 9th May [3] 201319:30HarrowAwayHarrow

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