Club AGM Summary

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The annual WLCC AGM was held on the Wednesday 4th October 2006 in the Chiswick Town Hall. There were 11 attendees and the highlights are as follows:

  • The Treasurer's report indicates that club's finances are slowly heading in the right direction, though the situation is still precarious. The club membership remains at £50.
  • The team captains reports show that we had a difficult season. In Middlesex League Division 1 we met last year's performance finishing mid-table, but in the London League, we just managed to stay in division 3. In Middlesex League Division 3 we had problems finding people for away matches, but managed to finish 5th place out of 7 with a late season come-back.
  • The Webmasters report shows a slight increase in people accessing the site (350 unique visitors and over 2200 pages per month). A significant development this year had been the publication of photographs and of some of the
    club history, currently listing 22 famous players.
  • There were no changes in the elected positions. Amendments to the club rules were approved.
  • The club has managed to recover a number of trophies. It was decided to award trophies to the best performer of each team. Colum Jezierski was presented the Sir George Thomas Cup for best performance in the London League (achieving 9 points out of 11).
  • The club will consider holding a one-day rapidplay tournament early next year. This may improve the club's finances if viable. Investigation into possible venues is ongoing.
  • Another meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 11th in the Tabard Public House at 15:00 to discuss the rapidplay tournament, insurance matters and other items.

The full minutes can be found here.