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The following table describes the Trophies the club has awarded to players over time. To find the winners of these trophies, check out the achievements page.

Name Inscription Description Award / Purpose Date Created Status
Ralph Eastman Cup Presented to the West London Chess Club for Annual Competition by Ralph Eastman Esq President October 1921 Scuffed Cup with re-soldered base Winner of handicap tournament 1921 Present
Sir George Thomas Cup The Sir George Thomas Cup presented by Samson Roos Esq 1948. West London Chess Club Best Performance London League Matches 2-handled Cup,
7 inches. Silver band added to base in 2008
Best match play in the London League 1948 Present
Vera Menchik Trophy West London Chess Club presented by Mrs RH Stevenson Vera Menchik Woman Champion of the World For Annual Competition Class Major A Chess piece,
4 1/2 inches
Winner of knockout open tournament June 1944 Present
Spires Cup The West London Chess Club Presented by EW Spires Esq For Annual Competition 2-handled Cup,
7 inches
Pre-2006: Unknown. From 2006/07: Best performer in Middx Team 2 1969 Present
FJ Camm Memorial Cup West London Chess Club FJ Camm Memorial Cup Championship Trophy. In Memory of the Late FJ Camm Esq MC. Past President & Benefactor of the Club 2-handled Cup Club Champion 1969 Present
W. Henderson Cup W Henderson Cup presented by Mrs Henderson in Memory of William Henderson a member of the West London Chess Club 1923-1951 2-handled Cup with lid,
8 inches
Best performance 2nd team. From 2006/2007: Best performer in Middx Team 1 1951 Present
R.P. Michell Cup Unknown 3-handled Cup,
9 3/4 inches
Club Champion from the season of 1942-43 onwards June 1943 Missing
Last record: 1997
Milner-Barry Cup Unknown. Presented by Mr. Samson Roos to the first champion J. A. Fuller [2]. 2-handled Cup,
5 1/2 inches
Junior Champion April 1946 [2] Missing
Last record: 1997
G.M. Lady Robinson Cup Unknown Cup, 6 inches 1944-45: Junior Champion[3]
Later: Lady runner-up
February 1944 Missing
Last record: 1997
Alfred Lindhurst Memorial Trophy Unknown Silver plated chess piece (Knight) on heavy plinth Unknown ? Missing
Godwin Trophy Unknown Unknown Junior Open Tournament ? Missing
Last record: 1967
Drey Cup Unknown Same as Droy cup below? Open Tournament February 1944 Missing
Last record: 1967
Droy Cup Unknown Unknown Open Tournament ? Missing
Last record: 1948
Amez. Droz Trophy Unknown Unknown Lady Champion ? Missing
Last record: 1948
Ford Cup Unknown Unknown Best progress ? Missing
Last record: 1948
Chauvet Medal Unknown Medal Unknown ? Missing
Last record: 1948


[1] Internal club records [2] BCM April 1946 (P)
[3] West London Chess Club Gazette October 1945 -
Key: S = Shop Copy, P = Personal Collection, L = Library, W = Web Quoted Source