Excerpt from British Chess Magazine July 1897 page 266

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A special general meeting of the West London Chess club was held on May 31 at the club’s headquarters the Grove Tavern, Hammersmith. The meeting was called for the purpose of making a presentation to the Rev. JTC Chatto MA the late hon. secretary, and there was a good muster of the members present. Dr Burrell (vice-president) occupied the chair, and in making the presentation he referred to the founding of the club in 1893, by Mr Chatto, to the time and attention he had devoted to it, the many services rended (sic), and the splendid work he had done in its interests. The presentation took the form of a very fine set of chessmen and board, and an illuminated framed address which read as follows :

“ To the Reverend JTC Chatto MA. We the members of West London Chess Club, beg your kind acceptance of the accompanying set of chessmen and board, as a small token of our appreciation of the valuable services rendered by you to the club as hon. secretary, since its formation in 1893, and we heartily wish you every happiness and success as the Vicar of East Kennett (names of subscribers followed) “

Mr Chatto in reply thanked the members for the kindly wishes they has so heartily expressed, and said that he was proud to think that anything he had done towards the success of the club should have borne such good fruit. The Club had won the C division of the London League in 1894 and the B division in 1896 without the loss of a match, a record which they might be justly proud of, and he looked forward to the continued rise and prosperity of the club.; He was pleased to think that the club, during the season just concluded, had been so successful, having played 25 matches winning twenty, drawn four and losing only one, and he hoped that the members would all do their best in the ensuing season to maintain the reputation of the club, of which he had the honour of being President. The reverend gentleman then gave an exhibition of simultaneous play against fourteen of the members including some very strong players, and his score at the conclusion of play was 7 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses.

Mr HE Williams, 10, Beauclerc Road, Hammersmith, has succeeded Mr Chatto as hon. secretary. The West London Club is not quite such a young one as the paragraph in the May number might seem to imply, as a matter of fact the club was originally called the Hammersmith, as as such played in the League competition, in the C division, which it won in 1894-5.