Player Statistics (from all games)

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Statistics for other years are available:

Player Game Statistics 2012/2013

Note that defaulted games (that are lost due to players failing to turn up) do not enter into the statistics and they don't affect player Grading either.

Accumulated Score

This table shows an accumulated point score for league games played by each player. As with game scores, 1 point is awarded for a win, ½ a point is awarded for a draw and a loss gets no points. The club awards trophies to players scoring the most points for each team at the end of the season. Click on the column headings to sort by other criteria.

Player NameECFPerfScore/GamesWin/Draw/Loss (Diff)%Won/%DrawnAv. Board
R Kane157 15615 / 2811/8/9 (2)39% / 29%3
C Jezierski188 19012.5 / 2111/3/7 (4)52% / 14%2
Jason Obihara134 13610.5 / 258/5/12 (-4)32% / 20%5
Russell Campbell157 1619 / 195/8/6 (-1)26% / 42%4
Thomas Rendle218 2228.5 / 98/1/0 (8)89% / 11%1
Andrew Hayler161 1658.5 / 156/5/4 (2)40% / 33%3
M Lyell190 1947 / 106/2/2 (4)60% / 20%2
Raghu Kamath157 1587 / 157/0/8 (-1)47% / 0%4
AG. Bynnersley141 1377 / 173/8/6 (-3)18% / 47%5
Paul Robertson129 1296 / 115/2/4 (1)45% / 18%5
JW. Bass179 1814.5 / 73/3/1 (2)43% / 43%3
JS. Burke177 1764.5 / 94/1/4 (0)44% / 11%3
Felipe Jacob- 95e3 / 42/2/0 (2)50% / 50%5
E Bote132 1282.5 / 111/3/7 (-6)9% / 27%6
D Kottler120 1192 / 82/0/6 (-4)25% / 0%6
A Sapkowska146 1481 / 20/2/0 (0)0% / 100%2
J Funnell139 1401 / 21/0/1 (0)50% / 0%7
Robert Macpherson- 90e1 / 21/0/1 (0)50% / 0%7
Emad Qweitin- 80e0 / 20/0/2 (-2)0% / 0%5

Only people that have played more than one game are listed. Note that the score is biased toward players who have played more games.

The performance rating is an attempt to estimate WLCC players' adjusted ECF rating from their current rating and the latest match results, with some simplifications where data is unavailable. The calculation follows ECF rules, in that the performance rating is the sum of points gained, divided by the number of games played. If the opponent's rating is known, the points gained is their rating plus or minus 50 if it is a win/loss respectively. Otherwise if their rating is not known, the worst case scenario is assumed in that the minimum 10 points that can be gained or lost from a win/loss, is used in the calculation. If a club player's rating is know, the usual ECF rating adjustment is performed on the opponent's rating to prevent a player increasing their grade by losing to a much stronger player, or decreasing their grade by beating a much weaker player (see the grading page). If the rating of both players in a game is unknown, the apponent is assumed to have a rating of 90.

The simplifications mentioned, lead to inaccuracies in situations where the opponent's rating is not known, either because they are unrated or because their rating cannot be found. Failure to find an opponent's rating are typically due to human error when recording results and when name matching against the ECF publication is ambiguous (the name matches several entries in the ECF database). The calculation does not take into account the precise details of games from previous seasons, nor any rated games a player may have had outside the club, so the figures should be treated as a rough guide. The calculation itself is shown in tooltips on the names of players in the table, just position your mouse pointer over the name. Click on the link to show relevant entries in the ECF database.

The following table, for completeness, lists players that have had only one game with the club:

Player NameWinsDrawsLosses
Aaron Sweeney010
J Sargent001