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Danny King Simul June 2010

Contributed by John Sargent

Preparation time Play in progress After-game analysis Analysis with Petr Tom awared a prize for his win Andy awarded a prize for his draw

Cherniaev Simul May 2006

Contributed by Colum Jezierski

Alexander Cherniaev on the left Samuel Ross and Ahmed Fazli at the end of the table Russ Campbell and Harry Burdon at the far end Alexander Cherniaev again Alexander Cherniaev with Ed Tandi behind Russ Campbell Simul in the Town Hall Samuel Ross (concentrating on the left) and JG. Martinez on the right


Most of these pictures were taken during the 2004/2005 season.

Inside Chiswick Town Hall during a match Mark Lyell and Peter Sammut-Briffa on the left Colum Jezierski on the left Colum vs Donald Chaudhry on the right during a Club night Colum vs Donald Chaudhry (alternative angle) Tony Bynnersley vs Deneys Kottler (Andy Hayler in the background) Rob Byrom vs Peter Walden Rob Byrom vs Peter Walden (alternative angle) Jerry McGann vs Adrian Barron Andy Hayler vs Bob Kane Tom Ilic (on the left) Peter Sammut-Briffa at Golden Lane Ben Giles Colum Jezierski Andy Hayler with Garry Kasparov helping with a chess event in central London Meri Lyell with the Juniors

Special thanks to Peter Sammut-Briffa and Rob Byrom, who contributed most of these photographs.

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