Danny King Simul June 2010

Contributed by John Sargent

Preparation time [0] Play in progress [0] After-game analysis [0] Analysis with Petr [0] Tom awared a prize for his win [0] Andy awarded a prize for his draw [0]

Cherniaev Simul May 2006

Contributed by Colum Jezierski

Alexander Cherniaev on the left [0] Samuel Ross and Ahmed Fazli at the end of the table [0] Russ Campbell and Harry Burdon at the far end [0] Alexander Cherniaev again [0] Alexander Cherniaev with Ed Tandi behind [0] Russ Campbell [0] Simul in the Town Hall [0] Samuel Ross (concentrating on the left) and JG. Martinez on the right [0]


Most of these pictures were taken during the 2004/2005 season.

Inside Chiswick Town Hall during a match [0] Mark Lyell and Peter Sammut-Briffa on the left [0] Colum Jezierski on the left [0] Colum vs Donald Chaudhry on the right during a Club night [0] Colum vs Donald Chaudhry (alternative angle) [0] Tony Bynnersley vs Deneys Kottler (Andy Hayler in the background) [0] Rob Byrom vs Peter Walden [0] Rob Byrom vs Peter Walden (alternative angle) [0] Jerry McGann vs Adrian Barron [0] Andy Hayler vs Bob Kane [0] Tom Ilic (on the left) [0] Peter Sammut-Briffa at Golden Lane [0] Ben Giles [0] Colum Jezierski [0] Andy Hayler with Garry Kasparov helping with a chess event in central London [0] Meri Lyell with the Juniors [0]

Special thanks to Peter Sammut-Briffa and Rob Byrom, who contributed most of these photographs.

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