Budapest First Saturday August 1st-12th 2009

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First Sat Start

The start of the August First Saturday tournament with Mr First Saturday (Laszlo Nagy) standing on the right. The tournaments are all round robins organised every month. The format is more conducive towards getting IM norms and improving your standard of play.

1st August

Round 1

Played out a draw with a young Hungarian Bence Szabo.

2nd August

Round 2

Lost to another young Hungarian Tibor Levicsky ! It was a Schliemann too - shame !

Sitting Room

This is the sitting room of the flat where I am staying. In fact some very famous chess players slept on this sofabed. I will have to erect a small plaque !

Hic Lindonius terra africanus australis dormit !

Or something like that !

August 3rd

Round 3

A win against IM Evarth Kahn ! Best game so far !


View of St Stephens Basilica near where I am staying

August 4th

Round 4

Won again against FM Zoltan Simonyi - very long game !

In Budapest there are many antique shops ! e.g. BAV below :


You like !? You want to buy my friend - I make special price ! Just for you.

August 5th

Round 5

Lost to Emil Szalanczy - there goes the IM norm ! A game I really patzered up.

August 6th

Rest day - recovering pschologically from defeat.

August 7th

Round 6

Beat another young Hungarian Adam Kormos

Round 7

Won again against German Martin Villwoch

Round 8

Had a lucky escape with a draw against Sandor Farago