Scottish Championship 11th-19th July 2009

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City Chambers - Edinburgh

The venue - City Chambers Edinburgh 

 Nice to see the Scottish champion was FM Iain Gourlay ahead of the five Scottish GMs. The tournament was won by Prasad of India and the venue was the City Chambers on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. A brilliant venue  and I wouldn't mind playing there again ! I didn't do so well in this one - 5.5/9 18th place but a poor rating performance. Some photos and apologies for the poor picture quality as I am still getting used to the new camera:

View down the Royal Mile

View down the Royal Mile. This leads from Holyrood Palace at the bottom to the Castle at the top

 St Giles Cathedral

 St Giles Cathedral opposite the venue 


Playing Hall

The playing hall : Iain Gourlay seated left. Jan Markos standing (bearded). Keti Arakhamia far right.


Hebden v Prasad 

Hebden v Prasad 

A remarkable save by Hebden - worth playing through !


Mandel Room

The Mandela Room (analysis)

Nelson oversees all chess players !



Part of the castle viewed from the south-east  


St Giles Cathedral viewed from the west 


Halls and Arthurs Seat

View of the Halls of residence where I was staying with Arthur's Seat in the background.


Roslin Chapel

I took the opportunity to visit Roslin Chapel (now of Da Vinci Code fame). Pictures cannot be taken of the amazing interior so there is just one picture of the outside !