16-23.03.2008 XXIV Cappelle-la-Grande International, Dunkerque, North of France

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In the north of France at the heart of maritime Flanders, Cappelle-la-Grande is located at the crossroads of the coastal motorway and a Dunkerque-Leon-Paris motorway. The town belongs to the Dunkerque urban community and is on the outskirts of inland Flanders. The town is build on an area of 546 hectares. It has a population of 9000, and has an extensive areas of land for expansions for both housing and business needs. In the beginning of last century Cappelle was just a small farming town with a few thousand inhabitants. For over 30 years now the municipality has been striving to achieve an overall balance between housing, business and search land leisure facilities and to encourage Flemish style architecture.

Now the main challenge that faces the municipality could be summoned up in two words “living together”. This is why the town has build numerous facilities enabling the people of La Cappelle to meet, to debate and to welcome others through sport, culture, leisure and social projects.

La Cappelle has two sport centres. The oldest of which bears the name of Albert Denver. It offers weight training, tennis, table-tennis, and basketball as well as a multi-purpose room. The more recent Roger Gouvert (who was the governor of the town in 1960's) centre offers judo, boxing, gymnastics, a climbing wall, two multi-purpose rooms and a reception room. These facilities are fully equipped and provide optimal conditions for sport and complimented by two football pitches, one rugby pitch, an athletic stadium, where it's possible to practice Olympic disciplines. It has a swimming pool, a shooting range, a horse riding centre and more. In all sixty different sports are offered here. It also has a Planetarium! Culture is not left out, thanks to the Palais des Arts et des Loisirs, where chess players meet continually for 24 years.

The playing venue: Palais des Arts et des Loisirs

The secretary of the tournament Sylvie Templeur and vice-president of Cappele-la-Grande chess association Stéphane Gouvart


The rhyming flock has taken me
To breezy Dunkerque by the sea.
Cappelle-la-Grande is not far away,
Six hundred pawns for Kaissa play.

On my first day I really did feel
It's not all for nothing with words to seal
The motto of FIDE I cannot conceal:
“Genus Una Sumus”, we all have the same thrill!

They all are here with no fear,
Thirteen from Britain but where is Glenn Flear?
You can see names like Mark, Anthony
And even old wolf, Gulko Boris
Who's trying to quench his long lost thirst!
So many belles like les femmes fatale
Thrashing potential Petrosyan and Tal!

Heard enough of the striking note?
Then take a look on the perky report,
Can you guess who won the event's jack-pot?!

 And the winners are...

1. Vugar Gashimov AZE 7/9

2. David Arutiunian GEO 7/9

3. Sergey Fedorchuk UKR 7/9

Take a look at the complete list of the participants and the winners

Boris Gulko of the USA, the winner of the veterans' prize

David Arutinian of Georgia: came 2nd on tie-break

Thomas Luther of Germany

Tigran Petrosyan of Armenia

Vasilios Kotronias of Greece

Vladimir Belov of Russia

Vugar Gashimof of Azerbajan: won 1st place on tie-break

The photos of the chess Goddesses are in the alphabetical order, for we are not to judge their beauty...

Alina Motoc of Roumania

Anastazia Karlovich of Ukraine

Anna Rudolf of Hungary

Anna Zozulia of Beligium

Bella Igla of Israel

Carolina Lujan of Argentina

Donna Schut of The Netherlands

Elena Boric of Ukraine

Elena Dembo of Hungary

Elina Danielian of Armenia:the regular winner of the ladies' prize, alas, not this time...

Iona Smaran-Padurariu of Roumania

Iozefina Paulet of Roumania

Julia Kochetkova of Russia

Lisa Schut of the Netherlands

Manuela Mader of Germany

Marie Boyarchenko of Luxemburg

Martha Fierro Baquero of Ecuador

Melanie Ohme of Germany

Mihaela Sandhu of Roumania

Nelli Tovmasian of Germany

Spice Grils of Georgia

Ginger: Nino Khurtsidze

Baby: Nana Dzagnidze the winner of the ladies' prize

Sporty: Solome Melia

Posh: Nino Maisuradze

Sarah Hoolt of Germany

Sylvia Johnson of Norway

Turkan Mamedjarova of Azerbajan

Vita Chulivskaja of Ukraine

Zeinab Mamedjarova of Azerbajan


"O, Cappelle, wherefore you're not the heart, the belle...

For Beethoven's tune in one of your kirk bells

Makes us all sing “Ode to Joy” and bid farewell..."