27/10- 07/11/2007 16th European Team Championship, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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The European Team Championship took place in the small town of Hersonissos, which is 25 km away from Crete's capital Heraklion. There were 40 teams in the open section and 29 in the women section. Since Mark Lyell has been reporting for the BCM's website (www.bcmchess.co.uk) I will only cover the photo report part.

Hotel Creta Maris

Hotel Creta Maris

Round 1

Scotland vs England

Russian vs Sweden

Bulgaria vs Lithvania

Round 2

Playing hall

England vs Ukraine

England vs Czech Republic

Armenia vs Russia

Scotland vs Austria

Round 3

Austria vs England

Finland vs England

Russia vs Bulgaria: Battle of the Sleeping Beauties

Round 4

Israel vs England

David Navara

The 4 Ks of Russia

Morozevich vs Belyavski

F.Y.R.O.M. vs Ukraine

Round 5

England vs Spain

Free day in Knossos

Knossos Palace

If you know the name of this reconstracted place then let me know.

Southern chambers

The storage room

Throning room (original)

Sarunas Sulskis in front of reconstructed Western gate

Gerry Welsh looking into my camera

The Armenians: Liana, Gabriel and Siranush

The inhabitant of the Konossos Palace

On the way back we stopped in Heraklion

Morosini Fountain on Venizelou square in Heraklion, built in 1628 during Venetian Era (1204 - 1669)

Pomegranate souvenirs are popular not only in Armenia but also in Greece

And some photos of our evening activities...

Ingrid Lauterbach, Michael Adams and wife Tara

Mark Hebden, Nick Pert and Mark Lyell

Gawain Jones: don't give me that look, Mr!

Levon Aronian and Gabriel Sargsian enjoying their game, while Lilit Mkrtchian watches

Gawain Jones, Sabrina Chevannes, Peter Wells, Mark Lyell and Mark Hebden

Sabrina's having fun with the Dutch team

Stewart Conquest is in a dancing mood and so is Ivan Sokolov

There are many but Tea Lanchava is more "centralised"

The Armo & Co: Nelly Aghinian, Liana Aghabekian, Siranush Andriasian and Tigran Nalbandian

Even the loud music can make you sleepy

A Greek Godess shouting out for mercy from Poseidon... And nobody cares to rescue Tea Lanchava and Edwin L'Ami from sinking...

... and even Gabriel Sargisian on "a1" and Vladislav Nevedenichy on "h8" can't hear a thing

Gabriel: "If I can't hear anything then I will cry out loudly" . And guess which girl has got so long arms?

If you can't work out who is who on this sweet snap then you can at least now tell me who the girl is with so long arms, right?

Unfortunatelly there are no photos of round 6 and 7.

Round 8

Lithuania vs England

Georgia vs England

Azerbaijan vs Armenia

Karen Asrian and Gabriel Sargsian

Slovenia vs Israel

Russia vs The Netherlands

Poland vs Armenia

Germany vs Spain

French Silvia Collas and Sophie Milliet

Maya Chiburdanidze without her trademark hat!

Vladimir Akopian

Vasilij Ivanchuk and Sergej Karyakin

Alex Shirov (single again!)

Round 9

Happy Peter Svidler shows off his T-shirt!

The Ukrainians

England vs Ukraine

Levon Aronian

Gabriel Sargissian and Karen Asrian

Michael Adams

Emil Sutovsky

Armenia vs Israel

Russia vs Bulgaria

Closing Ceremony

They all danced well but...

Aren't they good at everything?! Wink

The audience

Russians came first

Armenians second, hang on where is Aronian?

Always at last minute!

The Armenians: Now we have the whole team!

Azeris came 3rd

Russia's 5 Ks won the gold

Strictly come in suits: Poland 2nd place

Jolly happy Armenian girls won the bronze

Do I have to mention their names?

You should know them by now!

People were strugling to recognise the two guys on right, do you?

Board 2 winners

Board 3 winners

Board 4 winners: I know only Nana Dzagnidze how about you?

Board 5: I get 2/3 in this game of guess who is who

The English Team

Aren't they all photogenic? I love this capture! Swedish girls posing with Shirov and with you tell me who

And yet again we all relax ...

Levon Aronian

Aronian and Aghabekian in Armenian dance mood

Siranush, Lilit and Anna Motoc

David, Siranush and Lilit

Love, Love, Love, all you need is Love...

Cheers: I wish you all success but above all love and happiness!

Will be seeing you, Meri Grigoryan.