29th July - 11th August, 94th British Championship, Great Yarmouth College, Southtown, Great Yarmouth

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Day 10: Express photo report

Great Yarmouth is an English coastal town in the county of Norfolk. It has been a seaside resort since 1760, and is the gateway from the Norfolk Broads to the sea. The town has a nice beach and two promenades popular with locals and tourists. Great Yarmouth has sub-areas and many chess players are staying in Caister-on-sea, which is a 15 minutes drive from the venue, Great Yarmouth College, Southtown.

Leading players after 9 rounds:

  • 1st Jacob Aagaard 7½
  • 2nd Stuart Haslinger 7
  • 3rd =Stephen Gordon & Pert 6½
  • 5th= Anthony Kosten, Jack Rudd, Jonathan Rowson, Stuart Conquest, Mark Hebden, Glenn C. Flear & Charles Storey all 6 pts.

Round 5:

Nick Pert (0) vs. (1) Jacob Aagaard

Friends in life & friends on board: Anthony Kosten vs. Glenn Flear (draw)

Former British Ladies Champion Susan Lalic

Thomas Rendle vs.British Ladies Champion Keti Arakhamia-Grant (draw)

Round 6: Jacob Aagaard vs. Jonathan Rowson (draw)

Round 9: David Howell (0) vs. (1) Jacob Aagaard

Round 9: Stuart Haslinger vs. Stephen Gordon (draw)

Caister Castle

Caister Castle Car Collection: no photos to be taken indoors

A cheesecake over my roof?

Not yet a full moon rise over Caister-on-sea

Not a sunset but a sunrise: 5:52AM

Sunrise: 6:52AM

A view from my window: Windmills in Caister-On-Sea, Great Yarmouth (a quickie watercolour by me)

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