16.05.2007 West London wins the LCL Eastman Cup

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West London wins the London League's prestigious Eastman Cup. The final vs Richmond was held at home and won for the first time since the knockout competition started in 1929.

Captain Mark Lyell took the team to an early lead, winning with the Schliemann Defense on board 6. There was a gap after which Richmond gained the advantage, winning boards 5 and 9, and managing a draw on board 7. Score 1½-2½.

More bad news followed with Stefan Macak miscalcuating on board 2, but then the tide turned with Alex Ingram pushing home a Rook vs Bishop advantage, GM Alex Cherniaev reaping the benefits of his two connected passed pawns and Colum Jezierski simplifying to a winning endgame after using his opponet's exposed king to win a pawn. Score 4½-3½ with two games to go.

Colin Crouch's game, being a pawn down looked lost, but approaching time limits, managed quick and skillful play with his rook, simplifying to a well known drawn endgame. At this point, West London had won the match because even if Richmond won the last game, the match would be decided on the sum of the board numbers for those boards won.

Finally, Adrian Ociepka managed a draw, rushing what looked like a horribly complicated game. We found out afterwards that he thought this was a friendly match, when in fact it was probably the most important one of the season! Final score 5½-4½ -see the full results.

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