The games below are displayed using Lutz Tautenhahn's Javascript PGN Viewer [1]. Games may also be viewed with the Applet based viewer from [2] by clicking on the 'Applet' link towards the right of the game description. The PGN text is made available to those who want to analyse the games using a Chess Computer.

Club Related Games

Andy Hayler's match in the County Championship semi-final in 2007 [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Carl Pickering's game against Alex Cherniaev at the Christmas 2005 Simul [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Colum Jesierski's win against Mike Basman during the October 2005 Simul [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Games from the Alex Cherniaev Simul May 2005 [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Peter Sammut-Briffa's Middlesex League Division 1 games (2004) [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Andy Hayer's 2004 League game vs R. Gruettner (Alekhine's Defense) [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Andy Hayer's game against Alex Cherniaev at the Christmas 2004 Simul [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Bob Kane and 'Mate to the Queen' [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Colum Jesierski's win against Mike Basman during the October 2004 Simul [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Mark Lyell's 2002 Surrey Classic Open games v Meri Grigoryan and Graeme Buckley [2] Applet [2] Text [2]

Other Games

Deep Blue v Kasparov [2] Applet [2] Text [2]
Selection of Ed's favourite internet games [2] Applet [2] Text [2]

Mark Lyell's [3] games on [4].


If you would like to publish noteworthy games on this page, please send them to the Webmaster [5] in Portable Game Notation (PGN), preferably annotated -as Aaron Nimzowitsch [6] once said, "The beauty of a chess move is not in its appearance, but in the thought behind it". Every game is a story, so if you have a good one, please share it. Most internet Chess clients and PC Chess programs are able to import/export in PGN format [7].

Each PGN viewer has its benefits and limitations. The Javascript viewer has some benefits in that it will display all PGN header fields, allows autoplay and is relatively tolerant to manual errors. It does however have problems with the Opera browser (versions earlier than 8.0) and limits lines to 255 characters (the PGN standard), which can be overcome by using multiple comments or multi-line comments. Note however, that the Applet viewer will display only the last comment in a sequence of comments, so please use multi-line comments instead. The Applet viewer will display comments better, but it does not show all the optional PGN header fields. The Applet viewer won't accept subtle errors in the PGN, can't deal with traditional two-character glyphs such as '!!', '!?' and "+?", and won't accept comments before the first move.

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