2nd West London Junior Chess Championships

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The 2nd WLJCC Championship was held on 4th & 11th of December. It was a preliminary selection for the EPSCA (English Primary School Chess Association) Under 9 Championship. All the boys did well and were quite enthusiastic! Clifford has only played in the first Saturday; he had to play in London Junior Championships. Paul & Jules had also an excuse not to be there for the second Saturday, and Thomas unfortunately fell ill. They all played 3 games only.

Here is the table of the tournament.

Name Points Progressive Score Age-group Position
1 Stephen Ao 4/5 14 1st U9
2 Nicholas Dean 4/5 12 2nd U9
3 Shimmy Hrapciuc 4/5 11 3rd U9
4 Benjamin Thomas 3.5/5 11 4th U9
5 Clifford Wilmot 3/3 6 5th U9
6 James Sutherland 2.5/5 9 1st U7
7 Theo Tanner 2.5/5 7.5 1st U8
8 Adam Sutherland 2.5/5 6.5 6th U9
9 Louis Elton 2.5 5.5 2nd U8
10 Alexander Williams-Baffoe 2 7 6th U9
11 Stephen Ndoca 2 4 2nd U7
12 Rohan Subbarao 1.5 5.5 4th U8
13 Paul Sanglé-Fernieré 1/3 1 3rd U7
14= Jules du Chaffaut
Thomas Saint-Leger
0.5/3 0.5 4th U7
5th U8

By the current standings the first 12 names are in the main West London ChessNuts team and the last 3 names are in the reserve list. In the beginning of February 2005 there will be another championship for the final election. The EPSCA championship will be held on 12 March 2005, the venue is not known yet.

All the best for Christmas & see you all in the New Year!

Meri Grigoryan