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Russian Grandmaster Simultaneous Display

Alexander Cherniaev, a Grandmaster from Archangelsk Russia gave a simultaneous display against multiple opponents on Wednesday 18th of May. It was a good turnout, with 20 players entering the simul. Column Jezierski, Tony Bynnersley and Tony Spencer won. Ed Tandi came close to drawing but eventually lost.

Score: 17-3. Three of the games are now available on the Games page.

The rest of the participants were: Ahmad Faizii, Harry Burdon, Adrian Barron, Ben Wheeler, Alex Kron, John Dean, Nicholas Dean, Jeremy Smith, Russell Campbell, Peter Walden, Jonathan Wolf, Gerry McCann, Greg Knowles, Shimmy Hrapciuc, Kabir Peshawari and Tarush Gupta.

London League 4 Finished

West London won their last game in the London League this season finishing on 8.5 points. It was a close-run battle, with Capablanca and Dulwich Plough 2 also finishing on 8.5 points. We won however with a 56.5 game-win total. See the London League Division 4 league table. Well done team, this means we are promoted and will play in League 3 next year with a 10 player team!

Middlesex League 1 Finished

West London team 1 won the last game in the League this season. We did well this year, finishing on 8 out of 14 points. This puts us in in the middle of the table, in 4th place. See the Middlesex League Division 1 Table.

Middlesex League 3 Finished

West London team 2 won the last game in the Leage this season. We did much better than last year with 5.5 points out of 9, not counting the "now show" of the Thames Valley team. This puts us right in the middle of the table, in 5th place. See the Middlesex League Division 3 Table.

New Player Statistics page

We now compute player/game stats automatically from the league match results. We think the figures are of general interest to all club members and publication should promote competition. Take a look at the Player Statistics page.

Russian Grandmaster Simultaneous Display

Alexander Cherniaev a Grandmaster from Archangelsk Russia gave a simultaneous display against multiple opponents on Saturday 18th of December. 16 people took part, 5 of them were juniors. Andy Hayler won, Greg Knowles and Ben Giles drew. Tony Spencer came close to drawing but eventually lost. Clifford Wilmot won the best game prize for juniors -he turned down a draw offer!

Score: 14-2. Andy's game can be found on the Games page.

The rest of the participants were: Rob Byrom, Adrian Barron, Gerry McCann, Sami Dawsa, Colum Jezierski, Jullian Tanner, Ramon Vergara. Juniors: Theo Tanner, Clifford Wilmot, Shimmy Hrapciuc, Stephen Ao and Toby Marley.

Club AGM Summary

The club held its AGM at The Tabard Public House. The highlights were as follows:

  • The treasurers report shows that, largely due to the strong subscriptions (19) in 2003/2004, the club has some assets to carry forward into 2004/2005. The yearly membership fee is remaining at £45 per 'ordinary' member.
  • The Captains/Chairman's report indicates that the Middlesex A team finished mid-table and the B team performed unsatisfactorily due to poor turnouts.
  • Mark Lyell was re-elected as Chairman. Colum Jezierski was elected as the Treasurer and Andy Hayler was elected as the new Secretary.
  • The club agreed to the purchase of the domain and agreed to pay for a proper Web hosting solution. Total cost £51.66 this year and estimated £35 next year.
  • The club created a new post of Webmaster for the maintenance of the Web site, deemed important for attracting new members. Ed Tandi was elected as the Webmaster. The new site is to be advertised on many sites including google, yahoo and
  • A few suggestions were made to the Club Rules, to be approved at next year's AGM.
  • The issue of the missing trophy was discussed. The silver plated board worth over £2K is dated from 1899 and we need to chase some leads as to where it might have gone.
  • Under AOB. we discussed publishing more on club history -we have a contact to follow up on. Also, the subject of an internal tournament surfaced, but there were no volunteers for the position of 'Tournament Secretary'. Someone volunteered to check out how much it would cost to insure the Club's equipment.

IM Simultaneous Display

International Master Mike Basman gave a simultaneous display at the club on 6th October. The final score was :

M. Basman 13 - 3 West London

Board Player Result
1 Nick Rutherford Loss
2 Ed Tandi Loss
3 Kabir Peshawari Loss
4 Tarush Gupta Loss
5 Harry Burdon Loss
6 Tony Bynnersley Loss
7 Nicholas Dean Loss
8 Ivor Williams Loss
9 Summit Sarna Loss
10 Alex Ingram Loss
11 Tom Ilic Win
12 Colum Jezierski Win
13 Adrian Barron Win
14 Rob Byrom Loss
15 Gerry McCann Loss
16 Diana Mitra Loss
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