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AGM Confirmed

The AGM will take place next week on Wednesday 12th September starting at 7.15 pm.

All members and potential club members are invited to attend. If you have any items you wish to discuss please let Mark Lyell know ASAP so that they can be added to the agenda. Any proposed changes to the club rules should be notified in advance.

This year we will have an extra team in the London League. Division 5 is a limited grading "fun" division and is not connected with divisions 1-4, so there will be the opportunity to play more graded games for players below 120. Shwan Sharif has kindly volunteered to do the job of captaining the 4-player team and unless anyone else wants to do this instead he will probably be confirmed as captain at the AGM.

Simul Results

15 players turned up to challenge Mike Basman. Mark Lyell, Colum Jezierski, Andy Hayler and Marie Gallagher managed a draw. Outsider Neil Willmot was the only one to win, bringing the final score to:

Basman 12 - 3 West London

The following players also part: Gerry McCann, Richard Matzko, Ian Deswarte, Reenen du Toit, Harry Burdon, Russ Campbell, Ed Tandi, Glynn Jones, Naren Wadwana and Shwan Sharif.

Simultaneous Display

The legendary Mike Basman will be giving a simultaneous display at the club on Wednesday 20th June at 7.15pm. Mike is an International Master who used to play for England in the Chess Olympiad and other events. Here a couple of his games from

Those wishing to participate should contact Mark Lyell ASAP.

The entry fee is £10 with £7 for Juniors. Non-members can enter for £12.

20/06/2007 - 19:15

16.05.2007 West London wins the LCL Eastman Cup

West London wins the London League's prestigious Eastman Cup. The final vs Richmond was held at home and won for the first time since the knockout competition started in 1929.

Captain Mark Lyell took the team to an early lead, winning with the Schliemann Defense on board 6. There was a gap after which Richmond gained the advantage, winning boards 5 and 9, and managing a draw on board 7. Score 1½-2½.

More bad news followed with Stefan Macak miscalcuating on board 2, but then the tide turned with Alex Ingram pushing home a Rook vs Bishop advantage, GM Alex Cherniaev reaping the benefits of his two connected passed pawns and Colum Jezierski simplifying to a winning endgame after using his opponet's exposed king to win a pawn. Score 4½-3½ with two games to go.

Colin Crouch's game, being a pawn down looked lost, but approaching time limits, managed quick and skillful play with his rook, simplifying to a well known drawn endgame. At this point, West London had won the match because even if Richmond won the last game, the match would be decided on the sum of the board numbers for those boards won.

Finally, Adrian Ociepka managed a draw, rushing what looked like a horribly complicated game. We found out afterwards that he thought this was a friendly match, when in fact it was probably the most important one of the season! Final score 5½-4½ -see the full results.

League Report

The Middlesex League Division 1 team have finished in 3rd place, with 7.5 points out of 13. In the last match, the team managed a surprise draw against 2nd place Hackney when despite a default, all 3 of the new club members managed to win. See the Division 1 League Table.

In Middlesex League Division 3, the second team finished one position down from last year -in 6th place from 7. This is mostly due to us abandoning, through low turnout, the away match at Southgate. Once more the team showed good performance at home, but failed to gather a strong team in away matches. Check out the Division 3 League Table.

In the London League, West London managed to stay up in Division 3, like last year, finishing in 10th place from 12. We got more points this year largely due to new membership boosting the strength of the team toward the end of the season.

Upcoming External Events

On Sunday the 11th March, Richmond are holding their 70th Rapidplay Tournament in Hampton, which is relatively close compared to some of the other tournaments. This is a 6 round ECF rated tournament with a good prize fund. Each player gets 30 minutes, so it is possible to write the moves down.

The South Herts Chess Congress is being held in St Albans on the 31st March and the 1st April. This is a 5 round ECF rated tournament, with standard time controls. The tournament is divided into 5 sections (from minor to open) and although the entry fee is higher than that of rapidplay tournaments, so is the prize money. They accept entry online via Paypal.

Bourne End (north of Maidenhead) are holding a one-day chess congress on Sunday 25th March. This is a 5 round rapidplay tournament with 45 minutes per side, though it is not clear whether the games are ECF rated. Click here for the entry form.

London League Eastman Cup

West London chess club has entered the London League's Eastman Cup tournament this year. It's a knockout tournament and the trophy was donated by former West London member Ralph Eastman (see history).

Yesterday (12th) WLCC managed to muster a strong team to beat the favourites Cavendish 6-4. The team lineup included GM Alexander Cherniaev and IM Mike Basman -take a look at the results.

Simultaneous Display Rescheduled

The simultaneous display originally planned for Wednesday 18th October has been postponed.

Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev will give another simultaneous display at the club on Wednesday 15th November 7.10pm at Chiswick Town Hall. The entry fee is £12 for non-members, £10 for members and £7 for Juniors. If you are interested please contact Mark Lyell.

Club AGM Summary

The annual WLCC AGM was held on the Wednesday 4th October 2006 in the Chiswick Town Hall. There were 11 attendees and the highlights are as follows:

  • The Treasurer's report indicates that club's finances are slowly heading in the right direction, though the situation is still precarious. The club membership remains at £50.
  • The team captains reports show that we had a difficult season. In Middlesex League Division 1 we met last year's performance finishing mid-table, but in the London League, we just managed to stay in division 3. In Middlesex League Division 3 we had problems finding people for away matches, but managed to finish 5th place out of 7 with a late season come-back.
  • The Webmasters report shows a slight increase in people accessing the site (350 unique visitors and over 2200 pages per month). A significant development this year had been the publication of photographs and of some of the
    club history, currently listing 22 famous players.
  • There were no changes in the elected positions. Amendments to the club rules were approved.
  • The club has managed to recover a number of trophies. It was decided to award trophies to the best performer of each team. Colum Jezierski was presented the Sir George Thomas Cup for best performance in the London League (achieving 9 points out of 11).
  • The club will consider holding a one-day rapidplay tournament early next year. This may improve the club's finances if viable. Investigation into possible venues is ongoing.
  • Another meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 11th in the Tabard Public House at 15:00 to discuss the rapidplay tournament, insurance matters and other items.

The full minutes can be found here.

Club AGM and Simul are Scheduled

The club Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th October at 7pm in Chiswick Town Hall.

We are also hoping to arrange a simultaneous display by a titled player on Wednesday 18th October at Chiswick Town Hall. The entry fee is £12 for non-members, £10 for members and £7 for Juniors. If you are interested please contact Mark Lyell.

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