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Friendly Matches

West London Juniors played a friendly match against Claremont JCC and Surbiton JCC. The opposition was quite strong and experienced but our juniors put up a good fight! Alexandra Bottemanne of West London (picture) outplayed her experienced international opponent Fay Birch of Claremont JCC and 11 year old Harry Burdon of West London managed to draw against his 15 years old opponent Nicholas Inglis of Surbiton. Results:

West London JCC v Surbiton JCC
25 min. Match, West London JCC white on odd boards
Harry Burdon (U11) draw Nicholas Iglis (U16)
Akash Popat (U11) 0-1 Martin Durrant (U16)
Stuart Robson (U11) 0-1 Michael Nightingale (U16)

West London JCC v Surbiton JCC
Double Blitz Match
Harry Burdon (U11) 1-1 Michael Nightingale (U16)
Alexandra Bottemanne (U10) 1-1 Martin Durrant (U16)

West London JCC v Claremont JCC
25 min. Match, West London JCC black on odd boards
Alexandra Bottemanne(U10) 1-0 Fay Birch (U10)
Azer Arbi (U11) 0-1 William Hoshing (U11)
Nicholas Dean (U8) 0-1 Ed Wright (U11)

West London JCC v Claremont JCC
Blitz Match, West London JCC white on odd boards
Alexandra Bottemanne (U10) 0-1 Fay Birch (U10)
Azer Arbi (U11) 1-0 William Hoshing (U11)
Nicholas Dean (U8) 0-1 Ed Wright (U11)

Middlesex Hundreds

Chess Championships of the Middlesex Hundreds 2004 23rd May - results.

1st West London Junior Chess Championships

All in all 63 schoolchildren took part in the first West London Junior Championship.

The winners were:

Under 7

1st Renny Smith, St. Mark's Primary School, 5/5
2nd Adam Taylor, Homefield Primary School, 4/5
3rd= Aditya Narang, Parkside Primary School, 3/5 and Anna Merryman, Woking, 3/5

Under 8

1st Georgina Howat, Putney High School 4/5
2nd= Shamas Aziz, Belmont Primary School 3.5/5 and Kamelya Ozten, Putney High School, 3.5/5

Under 9

1st Tom Ball, Dulwich College, 5/5
2nd Joshua Pineda, St Ignatius Roman Catholic School, 4/5
3rd= Daniel Kliger, Homefield Primary School, 3/5, William Ip, St Mary Abbot's CE Primary School, 3/5, Benjamin Hu, Homefield Primary School, 3/5, David Hart, Homefield Primary School, 3/5 and William Taylor, Surbiton Boys' Prep School, 3/5

Under 10

1st Joe Kidson, Dulwich College, 5/5
2nd= Peter Hornsby, Westminster Cathedral, 4/5 and Roland Wuest, Hampton Court, 4/5

Under 11

1st Sheila J. Dines, Old Palace, 4.5/5
2nd= Jonathan Andrew, Ibstock Place, 4/5 and Benjamin Andrew, Ibstock Place, 4/5
4th William Peck, Westminster Cathedral

A special 'Thank you' to Mr Basman for helping me organize this event. Thank you everyone for taking part in it and I hope to see you again at the next tournament.

With the best wishes for Christmas and New Year 2004,
Meri Grigoryan

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