Club Information

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Standard membership is £70 per year. Membership entitles members to participate in league matches scheduled throughout the season and friendly matches during club nights. The best performers in league matches are awarded prestigious trophies, which they get to keep for a year. Members are also offered a discounted rate for playing in simultaneous displays and the numerous blitz tournaments arranged mostly during the summer. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three players in blitz tournaments and free entry to the next tournament is offered to the person finishing with the least points. In accordance with the club rules, the club may offer concessionary or honorary membership in special cases.


The current set of club rules can be found here. For the rules of playing Chess please see the FIDE Laws of Chess. We provide some clarification of FIDE Rule 10.2. When playing in one of the Chess Leagues, additional rules apply -see London League Rules and Middlesex League Rules.

Player Grading

The London and Middlesex leagues are affiliated to the English Chess Federation (ECF). Results from the matches are submitted to the league organisers and the league organisers, send them to the ECF for grading. The upshot of this is that anyone who plays in a league match, will end up with a ECF grade.

The grading list is available on paper, and as of 2005, it is also available on the ECF Web site. It is a condition of entry (to League matches and other ECF events) that players agree to their grading information being published on the ECF Web site. Players not wishing to have their details published on the ECF Web site should contact the ECF office to obtain an opt out form. This form is available from the Grading section of the ECF Web site.

For a description of how Grades are calculated and how they compare with other Grading systems, see our Grading page.

Club Mailing Lists

All subscribed members are automatically put onto the club players mailing list. The main purpose of this list is for notification of club news and unscheduled events, however, players may use this as a forum to ask questions and for general discussion. If you want to unsubscribe from this list, click on the list information link.

Finally, there is the webmaster mailing list that delivers email to the Web maintainers.