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EPSCA Championship



The EPSCA Under 9 South East Zone Championship was held on Saturday 12 March 2005 at Edgware Junior School, Heming Road, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 9AB.

Picture: See Photo. The first seven teams have qualified for the EPSCA finals.


Letter Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Position
A Richmond 5.5 8 9 22.5 4th
B Sussex 9.5 9 7.5 26 3th
C Suffolk 4.5 2 5 11.5 7th
D Barnet 8 5 4.5 17.5 6th
E Wey Valley 10 8 8 26 2nd
F Croydon 1.5 5 3 9.5 8th
G Kent 3.5 6 8.5 18 5th
H Hertfordshire 11.5 10 6.5 28 1st
I West London ChessNuts 0 1 2 3 9th

The West London ChessNuts U9 team:

Board # Name Age-group
1 Stephen Ao U9
2 Nicholas Dean U8
3 Theo Tanner U8
4 Shimmy Hrapciuk U9
5 Adam Sutherland U9
6 Jordan Elroy U9
7 James Sutherland U7
8 Thomas Saint-Leger U8
9 Louis Elton U8
10 Nathan Elroy U7
11 Stephen Ndoca U7
12 Paul Sanglé-Fernieré U7

Here is the short report :

The first round went downhill quickly; all the boys played so fast, which resulted 12 zeros in first 15 minutes. Only Nicholas Dean played all his three games slowly.

Second round:

The boys kept my advice, played slowly and achieved quite good positions. Nicholas was winning, he had a Queen & 3 pawns vs Rook & 2 pawns but had no time to finish his opponent, and missed a half point by forgetting to claim a draw while having 2 minutes left on his clock (I blame myself for not reminding him of that rule again). Shimmy & Stephen Ao's had chances to win in their second games as well, Theo and James had a draw... Paul scored a point when his opponent didn't turn up.

Third round:

Top boards had tough time with the strongest teams. Louis won on board 9, he Scholar's mated his opponent in 7 moves, and Nathan as White was a Rook and 3 pawns down, when I saw him exclaiming checkmate three moves ahead of his actual checkmate move! Black was so busy capturing White's pawns, that he didn't see and even hear his opponents warning of the checkmate, so Nathan checkmated with his Rook from the back rank - "Rd8# "- I couldn't stop smiling!

All in all the teams were strong and the two newly entered teams, Croydon & ourselves, did not qualify. I knew that we wouldn't be able to qualify for the next stage this year, because our team was the youngest out of the nine teams and not experienced at all. However, I was proud that I could encourage my pupils and put up a team this year. All the boys were so enthusiastic and excited, they did a good job! Well done boys! I know, if we work hard we will qualify in the following years and even fight for the top 3 prizes!

Special 'Thank you' to the organiser Laurie Winston and the parents who were supportive during the event.

Meri Grigoryan

ChessNuts Qualifier

West London "ChessNuts" qualifier was held on 5th February 2005. It was the final selection for the EPSCA Under 9 Team Championship. Fifteen boys took part in this event, number sixteen was Toby Murley, who is U10, was playing as a filler and he was facing players with less points. Clifford Wilmot has won all his 5 games and became the absolute winner! James Sutherland and Paul Sanglé-Fernieré, both U7, performed quite well and came ahead of boys under 8 and 9.

Final Standings Name Points Progressive Score Age-group
1 Clifford Wilmot 5/5 15 1st U9
2 Stephen Ao 4/5 12 2nd U9
3 Nicholas Dean 3.5/5 12.5 3rd U9
4 Jordan Elroy 3/5 9 4th U9
5 Theo Tanner 3/5 8 1st U8
6 Adam Sutherland 3/5 7 5th U9
7 Shimmy Hrapchuk 2.5/5 10.5 6th U9
8 Paul Sanglé-Fernieré 2.5/5 8.5 1st U7
9 James Sutherland 2.5/5 7.5 2nd U7
10 Louis Elton 2.5/5 6.5 2nd U8
11 Stephen Ndoca 2.5/5 6.5 3rd U7
12 Rohan Subbarao 2 5 3rd U8
13 Nathan Elroy 2 4.5 4thU7
14 Thomas Saint-Leger 1.5/5 5.5 7th U9
15 Miguel Raimond 1 3 4th U8
16 Toby Murley 4/5 13.5 U10

Tsunami Relief

Tsunami Relief Match On ICC 21.01.2005
A simul by GM Harikrishna
GM Harikrishna wins 7 - 3! Win = 6, Draw = 2, Loss = 2. GM Harikrishna lost to WGM Anna Ushenina of Ukraine and WIM Prathiba Yuvaraj of India, drew with WIM Ubiennykh Ekaterina of Russia and WIM Evgenia Hansen of Denmark. He won against the rest of the Women Masters!

WFM Meri Grigoryan tops in bringing in donations for the Earthquake/Tsunami survivors through World Vision. Donations given in her name to World Vision = $160.00. Total reported donations to the survivors through World Vision = $1155.00

You can find more info at http://www.chess-mate.com/tsunami.htm

Alexander Cherniaev Simultaneous display

Five juniors took part in this event: Theo Tanner, Steven Ao, Clifford Wilmot, Shimmy Hrapciuc, Toby Marley.

GM Alexander Cherniaev has offered a draw against Clifford but brave-heart Clifford has refused the offer and eventually lost the game.

Best 3 prizes were won by 1. Clifford Wilmot 2. Shimmy Hrapciuc and 3. Steven Ao.

2nd West London Junior Chess Championships

The 2nd WLJCC Championship was held on 4th & 11th of December. It was a preliminary selection for the EPSCA (English Primary School Chess Association) Under 9 Championship. All the boys did well and were quite enthusiastic! Clifford has only played in the first Saturday; he had to play in London Junior Championships. Paul & Jules had also an excuse not to be there for the second Saturday, and Thomas unfortunately fell ill. They all played 3 games only.

Here is the table of the tournament.

Name Points Progressive Score Age-group Position
1 Stephen Ao 4/5 14 1st U9
2 Nicholas Dean 4/5 12 2nd U9
3 Shimmy Hrapciuc 4/5 11 3rd U9
4 Benjamin Thomas 3.5/5 11 4th U9
5 Clifford Wilmot 3/3 6 5th U9
6 James Sutherland 2.5/5 9 1st U7
7 Theo Tanner 2.5/5 7.5 1st U8
8 Adam Sutherland 2.5/5 6.5 6th U9
9 Louis Elton 2.5 5.5 2nd U8
10 Alexander Williams-Baffoe 2 7 6th U9
11 Stephen Ndoca 2 4 2nd U7
12 Rohan Subbarao 1.5 5.5 4th U8
13 Paul Sanglé-Fernieré 1/3 1 3rd U7
14= Jules du Chaffaut
Thomas Saint-Leger
0.5/3 0.5 4th U7
5th U8

By the current standings the first 12 names are in the main West London ChessNuts team and the last 3 names are in the reserve list. In the beginning of February 2005 there will be another championship for the final election. The EPSCA championship will be held on 12 March 2005, the venue is not known yet.

All the best for Christmas & see you all in the New Year!

Meri Grigoryan

Grandmaster Simultaneous Display

Alexander Chernaiev a Grandmaster from Archangelsk, Russia will be giving a simultaneous display on Saturday 18th of December from 11:00am to 13:30. Please contact Meri Grigoryan in advance on 07986 088417. The entry fee for juniors is £8.

Events Summary

On 6th of October International Master Mike Basman gave a simultaneous display on 16 boards. Out of 16 senior players four were juniors: Nicholas Dean, Harry Burdon, Tarush Gupta and Kabir Peshwaria. The boys lost their games but they put up a good fight! There was a special prize for the best junior which went to Nicholas Dean for showing more confidence and not making elementary mistakes.

Smith & Williamson British Chess Championships 2004 took place at The Spa Complex, Scarborough from Sunday 1st August - Saturday 14th August. Alexandra Bottemanne is the British under 10 girls champion. She scored 4/7 and her grading perfomance was 71. Well done Alexandra! (website)

Friendly Matches

West London Juniors played a friendly match against Claremont JCC and Surbiton JCC. The opposition was quite strong and experienced but our juniors put up a good fight! Alexandra Bottemanne of West London (picture) outplayed her experienced international opponent Fay Birch of Claremont JCC and 11 year old Harry Burdon of West London managed to draw against his 15 years old opponent Nicholas Inglis of Surbiton. Results:

West London JCC v Surbiton JCC
25 min. Match, West London JCC white on odd boards
Harry Burdon (U11) draw Nicholas Iglis (U16)
Akash Popat (U11) 0-1 Martin Durrant (U16)
Stuart Robson (U11) 0-1 Michael Nightingale (U16)

West London JCC v Surbiton JCC
Double Blitz Match
Harry Burdon (U11) 1-1 Michael Nightingale (U16)
Alexandra Bottemanne (U10) 1-1 Martin Durrant (U16)

West London JCC v Claremont JCC
25 min. Match, West London JCC black on odd boards
Alexandra Bottemanne(U10) 1-0 Fay Birch (U10)
Azer Arbi (U11) 0-1 William Hoshing (U11)
Nicholas Dean (U8) 0-1 Ed Wright (U11)

West London JCC v Claremont JCC
Blitz Match, West London JCC white on odd boards
Alexandra Bottemanne (U10) 0-1 Fay Birch (U10)
Azer Arbi (U11) 1-0 William Hoshing (U11)
Nicholas Dean (U8) 0-1 Ed Wright (U11)

Middlesex Hundreds

Chess Championships of the Middlesex Hundreds 2004 23rd May - results.

1st West London Junior Chess Championships

All in all 63 schoolchildren took part in the first West London Junior Championship.

The winners were:

Under 7

1st Renny Smith, St. Mark's Primary School, 5/5
2nd Adam Taylor, Homefield Primary School, 4/5
3rd= Aditya Narang, Parkside Primary School, 3/5 and Anna Merryman, Woking, 3/5

Under 8

1st Georgina Howat, Putney High School 4/5
2nd= Shamas Aziz, Belmont Primary School 3.5/5 and Kamelya Ozten, Putney High School, 3.5/5

Under 9

1st Tom Ball, Dulwich College, 5/5
2nd Joshua Pineda, St Ignatius Roman Catholic School, 4/5
3rd= Daniel Kliger, Homefield Primary School, 3/5, William Ip, St Mary Abbot's CE Primary School, 3/5, Benjamin Hu, Homefield Primary School, 3/5, David Hart, Homefield Primary School, 3/5 and William Taylor, Surbiton Boys' Prep School, 3/5

Under 10

1st Joe Kidson, Dulwich College, 5/5
2nd= Peter Hornsby, Westminster Cathedral, 4/5 and Roland Wuest, Hampton Court, 4/5

Under 11

1st Sheila J. Dines, Old Palace, 4.5/5
2nd= Jonathan Andrew, Ibstock Place, 4/5 and Benjamin Andrew, Ibstock Place, 4/5
4th William Peck, Westminster Cathedral

A special 'Thank you' to Mr Basman for helping me organize this event. Thank you everyone for taking part in it and I hope to see you again at the next tournament.

With the best wishes for Christmas and New Year 2004,
Meri Grigoryan

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